Student Guide to Peer Evaluation

The Peer Evaluation System
TEAMMATES is the online peer assessment tool used by IPEC 561. Add to your contacts to ensure that you receive emails from TEAMMATES.

The Process
You will receive an email when each feedback session opens. Do not forward or share your link – it is unique to you.

If you do not see this message in your email, check your junk or spam folders. If you still don’t see a message from TEAMMATES during the day after each session starts, then immediately contact Chuck Alexander, course coordinator,

  1. Click on the unique survey link. If you see a message requesting access to your email address, select your VCU email address and “Allow” to proceed to the survey.
  2. Complete the survey in its entirety.
  3. Click “Submit Feedback”. You will see a confirmation message upon successful submission of your assessment.

The Schedule
Peer evaluation feedback sessions will be available the second week of each unit.

Unit Feedback Session Open Feedback Session Close
Unit 1: Orientation September 16 at 11:59PM ET September 23 at 11:59PM ET
Unit 2: Ambulatory Care September 30 at 11:59PM ET October 7 at 11:59PM ET
Unit 3: Inpatient Management October 14 at 11:59PM ET October 21 at 11:59PM ET
Unit 4: Post-Acute and Community Based Care October 28 at 11:59PM ET November 4 at 11:59PM ET
Unit 5: End-of-Life Care November 11 at 11:50PM ET November 18 at 11:59PM ET

The Grading
Completion and submission of the Peer Assessment is required and is worth 2% per unit, totaling 10% of your final grade. Incomplete or late submissions will not be accepted and will receive a score of zero (0).

Indicating that you did not receive a message from TEAMMATES will not be accepted as an excuse.

The Survey
You will be prompted to provide a numeric rating for yourself and each of your team members by distributing points. The total number of points to distribute is based on how many students are on your team x 10. Teams of four will have 40 points, teams of five will have 50 points, etc. Respond thoughtfully to the items below. Every team member requires an allocated amount of points, even if that allocation is 0 points.

  • In comparison to others on the team, how much did this teammate contribute to the team’s work during this unit? Include yourself when distributing points.

The Results
Aggregate anonymized results for each student may be viewed by instructors during and after the assessment process. You will receive a link to your individualized results by email shortly after each feedback session closes.

Additional questions? Contact Chuck Alexander at